Apple messages not syncing on mac


  1. Quick Fixes to iPhone Messages Not Syncing with Mac
  2. Tip 2. Check iMessage Settings
  3. [Solved] How to Fix iCloud Messages Not Syncing on iPhone/Mac

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Quick Fixes to iPhone Messages Not Syncing with Mac

However, there is something wrong inevitably in the process of use. Some users have found that:. If you happen to meet any of these problems, you can get help here.

  1. Turn Off and then Turn iMessage Back On!
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  3. 4 Ways to Fix iMessage Not Syncing Between Mac and iPhone!

We have covered all the tried-and-true solutions in Part 1 to fix the iCloud messages not syncing issue on this page. If your iPhone is out of internet service, connect it with a stable Wi-Fi network.

If your iPhone has a poor network, change to another strong one. Or disconnect your device from Wi-Fi and reconnect to it to improve the situation. If there is still no solution, resetting the network settings would be an effective way to consider. And this will wipe out the Wi-Fi passwords.

Send Text Messages on MAC

You need to enter them again. Each iDevice user gets free 5GB iCloud storage space.

If you need to sync messages from iPhone to Mac, you must log into the same Apple ID on both devices. After trying the methods above, if you are still having trouble syncing messages with iCloud, you can seek an iCloud alternative, like EaseUS MobiMover iPhone data transfer app here. With this program, you can:. Now, download this free iOS data manager on your PC or Mac and follow the simple guides to transfer messages from iPhone to Mac in a readable way. Step 1 : Connect your iPhone to your Mac and click Trust in the prompt on your iPhone to trust this computer.

Step 2 : Go to More and select Messages.

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  • If you need to, you can transfer other file types along with messages from your iPhone to Mac all at once. Step 4 : Tap Transfer to start transferring messages from your iPhone to your Mac. When it has completed, go to the selected folder to check the transferred items. Open it with a browser to view the details. Fixes Here!

    Tip 2. Check iMessage Settings

    In case you have added other Email Addresses to iMessage in addition to your Apple ID Email, you need to make sure that these emails have been activated for iMessage, both on your iPhone and Mac. Next, click on the Messages tab in the top-menu bar of your Mac and then click on Preferences in the drop-down menu. Even though you have the same Email Address and Phone Number activated for iMessage on iPhone and Mac, you may still come across the case of iMessages getting to your iPhone without any problem but those Messages not syncing to your Mac.

    In such a case it is likely that iMessage is giving priority to your iPhone over your Mac, pushing Messages to iPhone first and delaying or not at all pushing those Messages to your Mac. Send an iMessage from your Mac to someone that you know. Once your Message is sent, you should soon see all the Messages appearing on your Mac, as if the Messaging App on your Mac was looking for a confirmation of you being active and present on your Mac.

    [Solved] How to Fix iCloud Messages Not Syncing on iPhone/Mac

    Since the problem is appearing on Mac, we will first sign out of iMessage on Mac and sign-in back again. This can help resolve any technical glitches that iMessage on your Mac might be going thorough. Next, click on the Messages tab in the top-menu bar of your Mac and then click on the Preferences option in the drop-down menu. On the next screen, tap on the Accounts tab and sign-out of iMessage App by clicking on the Sign out button. After a few seconds, open the Messaging App on your Mac by clicking on Messages icon in the dock.