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  1. What is Startup Disk Full on macOS?
  2. When your Mac starts to show: “startup disk full” error
  3. Mac Startup Disk Full? Try These Tips to Clear Space

They simply stay on your Mac and waste space. Delete the files that you see. Cache files help your Mac run applications faster.

What is Startup Disk Full on macOS?

However, they accumulate over time as programs generate temporary files. When you get rid of cache files , the priority must be with removing the largest files. Do not delete everything. Moreover, we recommend deleting the files inside the folder instead of deleting the entire folder. Your apps may come with language packs that allow you to change the language in the app. We only use our app in one language. We can get away without the rest.

Look for files ending in. These are the language packs. Select those that you are not going to use and delete them. Repeat the steps for other apps. Many users have numerous apps that they have never launched. In such case, there is no better way to free up your full startup disk than to remove old and unused apps. Dragging an app straight to Trashcan leave behind hidden files such as app logs.

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Every time you visit a new page on your internet browser, it generates cache to make it load faster on your future visits. Doing this on every page, though, will lead to a growing browser junk. How you remove browser cache may differ for different browsers? Visit the support page of the developer for more details. Check out Part 3 of this post to learn how to use it. Your Downloads folder is a goldmine of unnecessary files. Check out your folders for photos, music, and videos as well. Remove duplicated files if there are any. The best option for these is to compress and turn them into smaller files.

This is recommended for huge files like movies and videos. After deleting all those junk, they are just sitting in the Trash.

When your Mac starts to show: “startup disk full” error

Click on the Empty button, and this should free up considerable space in your startup disk. It gets rid of cookies, search history, login details, and other unnecessary browser data. If you use your browser more often that you want to admit, you may be accumulating more data than you think.

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  • Free Download Buy Now. Download the software and launch it.

    Click the Scan button to begin looking for the available browser data on your Mac. Once the scan is complete, the software will show you the browser histories, cookies and cache and their respective file sizes. If you have more than one browser installed on your Mac, you will see all of them listed on the left side of the window.

    Managed storage can help free up space

    Tick the items that you want to delete. When you have selected everything that you want to get rid of, press Clean. Click Confirm. Now that you know where to look and what to search for, you can keep your startup disk from getting full. You should regularly clean up your Mac to ensure that it is performing optimally and you have sufficient space for your files.

    Mac Startup Disk Full? Try These Tips to Clear Space

    Excellent Thanks for your rating. Rating: 4. Do as follows: Press the Apple icon in the top-left corner of the screen. Click About This Mac and press Storage. This will give you an overview of the usage of the disk space. You will see how much space you have left and which files are taking up space.

    Take note of which files are occupying the most space and you can start from there. First, open Finder and select Applications from the left sidebar. Uninstalling apps this way will clear space on Mac, but often leaves pesky app leftovers instead. Apart from apps, it can delete widgets, plugins, browser extensions — whatever you can remove for extra gigabytes of storage space.

    No Mac disk cleanup is complete unless you remove junk files — huge space-gobblers that silently eat up your storage. So scroll down and remove folders for apps you know for sure. Now check every single folder there, including the Mail attachments hidden in the folder named Attachments. However, not all junk files are stored in the Library folder.

    How to fix Startup Disk Full on Mac OS

    Open the hidden Library folder again and check the contents of the Dictionaries folder. Now that you know how to clear space on Mac, sit down and get ready to spend hours on it. We recommend trying MacKeeper, a quick and safe tool to free up space on Mac. You heard it right — one click brings your Mac back in a good shape. Mac disk space cleanup can be simple and safe. We use cookies along with other tools to give you the best possible experience while on this website.

    Help us improve how you interact with our website by accepting the use of cookies. You can change your privacy settings whenever you like. Back to categories Top questions. What Is Startup Disk Full? Click the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen. Select System Preferences. How to Free Up Space on Mac? Top 5 Tips to Clear Space on Mac 1. Go to Downloads from the left sidebar. Review downloaded files, and delete all the files that you don't really need. Select View from the top menu.

    Select Show Duplicate Items from the list. Here we can spot several types of junk files, including the following: Cache files are designed to speed up your apps and browsing experience.