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Probably the best thing about this app is that it has several alignment, distribution, and grouping functions throughout the program — so you can professionally arrange all the elements on your business card! It also has a ruler and movable guides built in as well, so you can really arrange things perfectly. I am very thankful that someone decided to create this app and that they regularly update this app, because it has really been a fantastic tool for my business.

This is really a fantastic app which I highly recommend to every single Mac user who needs to make business cards for their business!!!

We really hope the developer keeps supporting this app, since it hasn't been updated in 2 years!! With Business Card Composer 5, I can print up a small number to use until my next release. I can be as creative as I want with these business cards, and not end up with hundreds being tossed in the watebasket. Business Card Composer 5 rocks! I highly recommend it. Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps.

Description Business Card Composer is an award-winning design application for creating and printing business cards, name badges, and more. The next part is the most boring part, because it involves copying and pasting the card you created into all the other spots on the page. First, group all the text boxes in your card. This locks the layout and makes it easy to paste as a single object. To group the text fields, select them all.

On the iPad, this is done by placing and keeping your finger on one box, while tapping the others. When they are all selected, tap Group in the black popover bubble. Select them all, in the same way you just selected the elements of you card, above. Then tap Delete in the black popover bubble. Next, tap your card and then tap Copy in the black popover bubble, then tap on a blank spot on the page and tap Paste in the black popover bubble. You can paste several copies, and then align them, or align them as you go.

Either way, you can use the smart guides to make sure everything is aligned. If your printer handles card, then you can print at home. Just load up the card stock into the printer the size is indicated at the bottom of each page of the template — in this case it is Avery Then hit print, and print the cards.

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You may have noticed that the card template we used had two pages. Just ignore the second page. If it will be identical to the first, then why bother, right? Just make sure to print only the first page of your document. Do this by tapping the view options icon at top right, next to the Documents button.

Then chose to Page Thumbnails. Then, in the newly-appeared column, tap the thumbnail for the second page, and tap Delete in the black popover bubble.

How to Make Business Cards on a Mac Computer

On the iPad, printing is just as easy. Over Themed Templates Over pre-designed templates that you can customize and use for a quick, easy solution. Direct Integration with Apple Contacts Change the contact info of your name badges with just one click thanks to integration with Contacts. Smart Text Fields Add text fields phone, address, etc. Powerful Image Effects Enhance any photos in your design using the built-in photo editor with dozens of filters. Google Maps Integration Include a Google map with driving directions on your card, all from right inside the app.

Business Card Shop 8 - Chronos

Smart Layout Guides Smart guides and object snapping help align objects with respect to each other. Over 1, Clipart Image A collection of 1, photos, illustrations, and more.

Get over 40, with the Extras Pack. Smart Batch Printing This powerful business card maker can print one design for one person, one design for multiple people, or multiple designs at once. Import Photos Import pictures from your favorite Photos, iPhoto or Aperture albums on your business cards. Art Text Plug-In This business card app integrates with Art Text to produce creative graphics and text for your cards.


Great business card app! It actually works perfectly, and all of the business cards for my entire business have been creating using this app!! Probably the best thing about this app is that it has several alignment, distribution, and grouping functions throughout the program — so you can professionally arrange all the elements on your business card!

Design your own printable business cards

It is well designed, inutitive and works with major label layouts without any issues, other than getting familar with the interface which is as easy as possible. Great artwork provided as well.

Strongly recommended. I bought it to make personal calling cards for my wife and I just like business cards after first struggling for an hour trying to use Pages and nearly losing my mind!